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Professional design, stable quality and fast response to mainland China to provide our clients with world-class products and localization services。

       Arrlux optoelectronic co., ltd is a professional producting LED outdoor lighting enterprise, we invest 100 million yuan on first phase, our factory located Huizhou xiao jin TTC industrial park, the total area of fendi outle the industrial park is about 28019.6㎡. Our productions exported to Europe and Japan and other overseas markets.br />        Our staffs are from the local and worldwide which is well know and professional in LED industrial, our company has PCT thermal management system, PCT Eagle Eye Radar Dimming System, radar sensing louis vuitton bagsreal-time dimming system and many other global patent.br />        We also invest more than 10 million yuan on the international laboratory which including optical experiment, electrical test, environment test, distribution test system, electricity test system, vibration tester, temperature system, cyclic damp heat test, IP rank test, EMC/EMI test system.



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